How it Works

Let’s raise you some dough!

If you are after a great way to make a real difference when fundraising for a community, charity or educational group, Loftus Pies have the program for you. It’s the Loftus Pies FUN-draising program. It’s easy to understand and simple to put to work.

The idea of Loftus Pies FUN-draising is to give your group the chance to raise some much needed extra cash by selling:

  • Pies and Cakes (including Gluten Free options)
  • Donuts
  • Easter or Xmas treats (depending on the time of year!)


OR a mix of them all…..


You will purchase the Loftus Pies products from us at approximately 30% less than the retail price, and then you will re-sell these to your community, charity or educational group at the recommended retail price and your group will pocket the profits!



Six Easy Steps for your Drive

  1. Select the products that you would like to offer for your fundraising drive:
    1. Pies and Cakes
    2. Donuts
    3. Easter or Xmas Treats
    4. OR a Combination
  2. Complete Form 1 from the Information Packs and email it to to confirm your fundraising date and order your customised pie drive forms or complete the online booking form below.
  3. Loftus Pies will prepare your customised order forms including your organisation logo, payment details and ordering instructions for you to distribute to participants.
  4. Collect completed order forms and payments from participants
  5. Collate all orders onto Form 2 in the Information Pack and email to at least ONE WEEK before your scheduled delivery date.
  6. All products will be individually wrapped and delivered on your nominated day (NO MONDAY DELIVERIES) ready for collation and distribution by your organisation.

For more details about the Fundraising Drive product options click here: 

Contract & Payment

  • Loftus Pies will process your Fundraising order within 2 business days of receiving the form and you will receive an email with your confirmed fundraising details and pricing with your customised order forms for distribution.
  • Payment can be made via Cash/Cheque on the day of delivery or Direct Deposit/Credit Card payment prior to delivery.

Transportation & Storage

There are a few simple guidelines to ensure that your participants receive the same sensational quality products that you can buy at Loftus Pies.

  • Plan to distribute your fundraising orders to participants as soon as you receive your delivery – if there are any delays in distribution refrigeration of products may be required (not including Donuts – see below)
  • Please note that Loftus Pies does not take responsibility for old/damaged products once your order has been delivered
  • Store and transport boxes on a flat, smooth surface to avoid any damage.

For Donuts only:

  • Keep the orders in a cool, shaded area and avoid direct sunlight at all times.
  • Do not freeze or refrigerate Donuts as the quality will deteriorate.


Ingredients, Storage & Cooking Instructions

The attached document below contains relevant information about the ingredients and allergens for our products, how best to store them when you take them home and cooking instructions as relevant. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at or 9545 2217.


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